Martin Widmaier | GeoStreamer X Viking Graben

12 October | 15:30 to 15:55 CST (GMT-5). Addressing imaging challenges in the Viking Graben with multi-azimuth acquisition, longer offsets, and wide-tow sources.  


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Session: ACQ 1 Marine Seismic

Authors: Martin Widmaier, David O’Dowd (formerly of PGS), Carine Roalkvam, Marielle Ciotoli, and Luca Limonta.

Martin Widmaier presents an innovative multi-azimuth towed high-density multisensor streamer survey design that uses wide-tow multi-sources to improve near offset sampling, variable streamer lengths to enable deep velocity model updates with FWI, and multi-azimuth shooting to optimize target illumination at a much lower cost than OBN acquisition.

Survey data from the Viking Graben in the North Sea are systematically analyzed in the context of the survey design ambitions.