Canada Newfoundland 2020-21 Licensing Opportunities Webinar

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This week, PGS releases a new webinar on Newfoundland licensing opportunities, featuring Dr. Richard Wright, Exploration Manager with Nalcor Energy, Canada.

GeoStreamer data has revealed significant insights in the region and the availability of 3D data is further helping to de-risk the prospects. For the first time, 90% of a license round sector (in the Orphan Basin) is covered by modern 3D data.

The webinar focuses on prospectivity in the Orphan Basin and areas covered by the latest surveys, acquired by PGS in summer 2020, particularly the Torngat Extension and South Bank, using GeoStreamer data examples including near and far stacks. The data serves to highlight the material size and prospectivity of the area.

Other data examples show GeoStreamer data acquired by the PGS / TGS joint venture. 

3D seismic acquired in 2020 targets promising tertiary plays that were identified using underlying 2D GeoStreamer data. Soon to be released, fast-track 3D data will further improve understanding of these promising leads.

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