Derisking Presalt Prospectivity in the Deepwater Campos Basin

wave imagewave image
In a Hart Energy article this month, PGS authors illustrate improvements in illumination and depth accuracy of the subsurface structures found within the Campos Basin presalt play.

Read more about 'Derisking presalt prospectivity in the deepwater Campos Basin' on Hart Energy online. 

New 3D GeoStreamer data covering Brazil's 17th Round blocks offer a step-change in image quality of the emerging Campos presalt play.

Full waveform inversion driven depth velocity modeling of the postsalt, layered evaporate (salt) and presalt sections provides more accurate velocity model updates by leveraging the full seismic wavefield (reflections and refractions) recorded by the long-offset (10 km) acquisition.

Improved velocity model accuracy delivers improved image quality, illumination and depth accuracy of the subsurface structures found within the presalt play. The results support any future exploration drilling and subsequent reservoir characterization.

top Aptian relief
Relief of top Aptian evaporites in the deepwater Campos Basin illustrate the major salt tectonic domains (outlined by white dashed lines) and their displacement along a regional sinistral strike-slip fault (red dashed line). Cold colors represent deep, partially welded mini basins. The limit of the allochthonous salt canopy is captured in part by the new 3D seismic acquisition program. 


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