Guyana License Round | Book a Data Viewing

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Guyana, PGS is hosting a virtual data room in connection with the first offshore license round.

The PGS data library has 12 500 line km of 2D GeoStreamer available for offshore Guyana. Of this, 4 460 km representing 14 regional prestack-time-migrated lines are relevant for available deepwater blocks D1, D2, and D3.

This broadband seismic data forms part of the technical foundation for the Republic of Guyana’s upcoming license round.

Pre-qualified companies can access a regional understanding of this prolific basin in a virtual data room. Examples from a recent prospectivity study will be used to illustrate some of the opportunities on offer.

Registration for the data room will be subject to pre-qualification criteria and a confidentiality agreement.

Sign Up for the Data Room

To register for the data room and talk to our experts, please contact Sharon Walker

This map shows the entire 2D GeoStreamer data coverage for Guyana and offshore blocks. The lines highlighted in yellow (14 lines) indicate the 4 460 km of 2D GeoStreamer data over the deepwater blocks D1, D2, D3.