PGS Rejuvenated Data for Guyana Deepwater Block Evaluation | Now Available

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In collaboration with the Guyana Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), PGS has released 4460 km of rejuvenated 2D GeoStreamer depth data supporting the evaluation of Blocks D1, D2, and D3.

Leveraging PGS’ comprehensive experience across the Guyana basin and applying recent imaging technology advances, PGS has produced a new high-quality depth dataset, rejuvenating 2D GeoStreamer data acquired and processed to time-domain (PSTM) in 2009.

Quantitative Interpretation products have also been generated to aid the identification of amplitude anomalies that indicate potential hydrocarbon presence.

The new PSDM dataset presents an excellent opportunity for E&P companies interested in Guyana’s first deepwater licensing round to evaluate the potential of this highly prospective area. State-of-the-art imaging technology has been applied to the underlying broadband GeoStreamer acquisition data, providing new insights into the offered acreage.

In addition to providing accurate structural imaging, care has been taken to preserve amplitude fidelity. The data can, therefore, be used both for regional screening and detailed prospect evaluation using amplitude analysis techniques, including inversion for rock properties.

2D GeoStreamer depth data for evaluation of Guyana deepwater blocks D1-D3. The latest imaging technology has revealed stratigraphic details with improved structural accuracy across a proven world-class petroleum system (click the expand button and zoom for more detail).

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In agreement with the MNR, all data is available for licensing from PGS. Both time and depth datasets are now available to review:

“PGS is pleased to support the Guyana Ministry in their first deepwater licensing round. Our 2D program is the only available MultiClient data over the deepwater blocks and gives companies the ability to assess the area ahead of the license round,” says Elaine Mattos, Senior Vice President Sales & Services at PGS.

Deepwater Blocks and Golden Lane Prospectivity

In Guyana, more than 25 significant hydrocarbon discoveries since 2015 target stratigraphically trapped basin floor fans. Exploration activity has provided regional insights regarding maturation, migration, and charge complexities. Similar trends to the prolific “Golden Lane” of discoveries, which include Liza and Stabroek, have been identified in the outboard licensing blocks D1, D2, and D3.

Data Library | Guyana MC2D

To support the evaluation of deepwater Blocks D1, D2, and D3, relevant for the upcoming license round, PGS has rejuvenated 4460 km of the available Guyana 2D GeoStreamer in a new depth dataset.

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