PGS Further Expands MultiClient 3D in Indonesia

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These PGS 3D multisensor broadband surveys will enable a better understanding of plays and prospects across the under-explored basins of Indonesia.

PGS has mapped a string of prospective Indonesian areas with a back-to-back MultiClient campaign over a 15 month period. The surveys combine the PGS latest acquisition technology – triple sources and multisensor GeoStreamer® technology, with modern PGS imaging technology.

Indonesia Exploration Opportunities

  1. North Madura MC3D
  2. West Timor MC3D
  3. South Makassar MC3D
  4. North Sumatra MC3D

This campaign targets under-explored, prospective targets across a wide area, from eastern to western Indonesia. Almost 20 000 sq. km has been acquired so far. A further thousand square kilometers is planned.

This new 3D seismic coverage brings the total available data in the PGS MultiClient portfolio for Indonesia to 35 000 sq. km 3D and 27 000 line-km 2D.

Coming Soon

PGS is currently acquiring a fifth GeoStreamer 3D survey: Revealing new oil and gas targets in Eastern Indonesia West Abadi.

areas covered by MultiClient 3D GeoStreamer data 2017-2019
Prospective areas covered by PGS MultiClient 3D GeoStreamer 2017-2019: 1 North Madura 2 West Timor 3 South Makassar 4 North Sumatra 5 West Abadi


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