PGS Launches TechBytes for Acquisition

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The second TechByte series by Andrew Long is focused on acquisition, from principles to solutions and strategies.
The second TechByte series by Andrew Long focuses on acquisition principles, solutions, and strategies.


TechByte Webinars | 15 minutes with Andrew Long

Short, 15-minute TechByte webinars by PGS Chief Scientist & Technology Analyst, Andrew Long explain imaging and acquisition topics in simple terms, without math.

In June, the first series was launched covering the two highest-profile seismic imaging topics today: Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) and Least-Squares Migration (LSM). The introductory LSM webinar explains the differences between the two most commonly used forms of LSM and illustrates how LSM can enhance the interpretation of seismic data. The remainder of series one, a three-part FWI webinar, provides a visual tour of how FWI works at the fundamental level, with insights into various challenges that must be overcome for FWI to be robust and efficient.

TechByte Series Two is Now Available | Acquisition

The latest webinars, a four-part series, lay the foundation for understanding how PGS designs marine surveys to deliver the best seismic images for a variety of geological settings.

First, the fundamental acquisition geometry principles of towed streamer acquisition are explained, including an introduction to the features of wide-source towing. The second webinar covers the technology to steer both the sources and receivers and to track their positions with great precision in near real-time. In part three, Andrew examines the question, should we tow more streamers or more sources? In the final acquisition series webinar, the stage is set to look at the diversity of survey designs being used today including ways to increase the range of azimuths, increase the range of offsets, and increase the sampling of near offsets.

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