Permanent Offer | Concession Rounds

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The Concession POR offers blocks outside of the presalt that either received no bids in previous rounds or that have been relinquished.

Many of these blocks cover play fairways that have been neglected during the race for the presalt bounty or fall within new deeper plays along the Atlantic Margin.  

Concession blocks provide opportunities for mid-size companies to explore Brazil and chase the latest play concepts.  These blocks benefit from lower minimum signature bonuses and reduced work program commitments that compete effectively with other sedimentary basins around the world on cost.

The Concession POR sets the stage for a return to the kinds of exploration that drove some of Brazil’s early success in deep water, like basin-floor fans and associated reservoirs.

Around the Equatorial Margin, the PGS data library has over 20 000 sq. km GeoStreamer broadband 3D data, including Sergipe Alagoas. PGS’ modern acquisition, reprocessing, and background understanding will allow you to fully assess the exploration potential and the risks before bidding.

In 2023, PGS acquired new seismic data over the southwest Santos Basin, an area that attracted considerable bidder interest in the third cycle Concession Permanent Offer Round.

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