ANPG Licensing Round

PGS data provides a solid foundation to build a regional understanding of the hydrocarbon potential offshore Angola for both presalt and postsalt exploration.

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Angola's national energy agency ANPG (Agência Nacional de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis) announced a permanent offer process in 2021, which complements their program of planned licensing rounds.

PGS geoscience studies enable companies to fast-track geological understanding and derisk petroleum systems and plays ahead of bid applications.

Upcoming license rounds and PGS data coverage in the area
Upcoming license rounds and PGS data coverage in the area

Recent Bid Rounds

In 2019, a bid round attracted significant interest, including major operators in the frontier Namibe and Benguela basins. In 2021, six licenses were awarded onshore Kwanza Basin along with three onshore Lower Congo Basin licenses (originally scheduled for 2020). Offshore, blocks were offered in the shallow-water Kwanza (3) and deepwater Lower Congo Basin (5). Two blocks in the Lower Congo Basin were pre-awarded.

Blocks are awarded by public tender, restricted public tender, and direct negotiation, with clear timelines in place. 

Angola Permanent Offering

A permanent offering process, approved by Presidential Decree 249/21, was established by ANPG to boost access to acreage in an uninterrupted manner. The procedure provides direct-negotiation opportunities for acreage that was offered in previous license rounds and not awarded.

Kwanza Shelf

MultiClient 3D GeoStreamer data from PGS enables evaluation of exploration opportunities in blocks 7 and 8, where petroleum systems have been proven through the recovery of hydrocarbons to surface. The combination of 3D GeoStreamer technology with modern imaging techniques can be used to unlock plays in the open blocks.

Lower Congo Basin

A regional dataset is available for rapid screening of permanent offer areas in the Lower Congo Basin. The Angola MegaSurvey enables the derivation of a regional perspective on thickness trends, structural settings, depositional environments, and play fairways. Technical teams can use this data to high-grade areas for further exploration, and identify areas for new data acquisition or reprocessing.

Namibe and Kwanza Basins

Blocks 41, 42, and 43 in the Namibe/Kwanza basins are covered in their entirety in the ANG Offshore 2D GeoStreamer dataset.  The PSDM imaging of these lines facilitates the development of play concepts and lead identification, high-grading areas of exploration potential for new 3D acquisition.

2025 License Round

In the next scheduled round, 11 blocks will be offered in the Kwanza and Benguela basins. These are all covered by the ANG Offshore 2D GeoStreamer dataset, which can be used for regional geological evaluation and block screening.

The high-quality broadband Kwanza 3D GeoStreamer dataset provides the means to evaluate fairways and prospects in proven pre-salt and post-salt plays in blocks 24, 25, 38, 39, and 40.

Improved pre-salt illumination and better imaging of steeply dipping structures are evident in coverage for blocks 24, 25, and 40. These enhancements are provided in additional high-grade volumes that benefit from multi-azimuth acquisition and wave-equation migration.


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