The PGS Fleet

Ultra-High capacity multisensor streamer fleet for flexible 3D and 4D surveys.

wave imagewave image
  • Predictable high quality from unmatched towing and handling capacity
  • Reliable technology on all vessels: steerable source and receiver arrays, multisensor deep-tow GeoStreamer
  • Power, safety, and flexibility 
  • Dedicated experienced crews

PGS operates eight modern 3D vessels including six Ramform vessels and two conventional-hull streamer vessels capable of alternative flexible deployments. 

All our vessels are equipped with a steerable multisensor GeoStreamer, steerable source arrays, integrated acoustic and GPS positioning, and advanced barnacle mitigation and automated cleaning solutions.

Digitalization is Transforming our Operations

Full onboard processing capabilities are augmented by accelerated processing flows using cloud-enabled offshore and onshore resources, connected by global satellite networks. Through its digital factory, PGS is developing tools to link and manage all vessel data assets, allowing us to monitor, report and minimize CO2 and sound emissions, as well as optimize vessel efficiency and safety.