The virtual event will take place on September 21-23, 2020, with on-demand viewing of presentations available on September 24-25, 2020.

Eric Frugier Presents

PGS Imaging Specialist, Eric Frugier, will present:

  • High-resolution Full Wavefield Inversion model building in deep-water environment: A case study in the Orphan Basin
  • Session: Seismic - Full-waveform Inversion
  • 21 September | 11:50 (GMT -6)

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The 2018 Tablelands GeoStreamer seismic survey was acquired in partnership with Nalcor, PGS, and TGS in the Orphan Basin, offshore Canada. The partnership pioneered a proof of concept project over a deep-water 500 km2 survey. The project demonstrated the benefits of building a Full Wavefield Inversion (FWI) driven velocity model using dual-sensor data. This paper presents the FWI velocity model building workflow, which produced a high-resolution and geologically consistent velocity model. The model was later used in Kirchhoff migration, Least-Square Wave-Equation migration, and for quantitative interpretation purposes.

Authors: Eric Frugier, Tiago Alcantara, and Bruno Virlouvet from PGS, and Nicholas A. Montevecchi, Deric E. Cameron, and Richard Wright from Nalcor Energy.

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Tiago Alcantara Presents

Senior Support Geophysicist, Tiago Alcantara, will present:

  • Image enhancement through data-domain least-squares migration: an Orphan Basin example
  • Session: Seismic processing part 2
  • 22 September | 15:20 (GMT -6)

200910 GeoConvention Tiago Alcantara 860x200px.png

Depth migration techniques have been widely used in areas with strong lateral velocity variation. Though very robust, these methods suffer from acquisition and propagation effects that limit resolution and impact amplitudes of seismic images. Least-Squares Migration (LSM) is becoming a standard in areas with complex geology. It compensates for acquisition limitations and variable illumination and results in more reliable amplitude information with higher resolution. In this case study, data-domain LSM is applied to deep-water seismic data from offshore Canada targeting vertical resolution and fault definition improvements.

Authors: Tiago Alcantara, Eric Frugier, and Bruno Virlouvet, PGS.

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Poster Presentation

PGS Authors Tiago Alcantara, Eric Frugier, and Bruno Virlouvet will also contribute a poster:

  • Pre and post-stack image deblurring through least-squares Kirchhoff
  • Session: Seismic Processing part 1
  • 22 September

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Event: GeoConvention 2020

Date: 21 - 23 September 2020

Location: Online