PGS Completes Acquisition of GeoStreamer X Viking Graben Survey

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The acquisition phase is now complete on the PGS GeoStreamer X Viking Graben survey, with the first data due in Q1 2020. Further GeoStreamer X projects are planned for 2020 in Europe and other regions.

Acquisition on a prefunded GeoStreamer X MultiClient multi-azimuth project, using high-fidelity multisensor broadband technology and an efficient wide-towed source on the Viking Graben in the North Sea, started in September and was completed on 31 October.

The success of this highly efficient pilot proves the robustness of the GeoStreamer X concept in operation and underlines the inimitable towing prowess of the Ramform. Planning of summer 2020 GeoStreamer X surveys has now begun.

“This survey, carried out using one Ramform vessel, has proven beyond doubt that GeoStreamer X is a significantly faster method of achieving advanced offset- and azimuth-rich data than node-based exploration. The multi-azimuth data are now being processed and we expect to be able to show the first results by the end of Q1,” says Gunhild Myhr, PGS VP New Ventures Europe.

Multi-Azimuth on all Targets

The weather window was narrow, due to the time of year. Despite the challenge, all key targets were covered by two additional azimuths and will be processed together with a base GeoStreamer PURE data set over the survey area.

Widest Ever Source Spread for Near Offsets

One of the innovative solutions used on this project was a wide-tow triple source with 225 m separation between outer source arrays. This was the widest ever source separation towed by a single streamer vessel on a commercial project. The extra-wide source solution significantly improved near-offset sampling, by recording the near-incidence angle information that will facilitate accurate AVO analysis of shallow targets.  The wide tow sources also contributed to increased survey efficiency.

Long Offsets for FWI

Ramform Vanguard towed a streamer configuration of 12 x 85 m spread with ten streamers of 6 km and two 10 km streamers to record longer offsets for even more accurate, FWI-driven velocity model building.

High Signal-to-Noise Ratio

The GeoStreamer spread was towed in the depth range of 25m to 30m to acquire true broadband data with an optimal signal-to-noise ratio for high-resolution imaging and velocity model building.  

Smarter Solution for High-Quality Exploration Data

GeoStreamer X provides additional azimuths to upgrade existing high-quality seismic coverage and delivers high-quality exploration data up to five times faster than node acquisition. Multisensor broadband fidelity is combined with wide-towed source efficiency and multi-azimuth (MAZ) illumination.

Wide tow triple source 2 x 112.5 m = 225 m total source separation
Widest ever triple source towed by a single vessel on a commercial project: 2 x 112.5 m = 225 m total source separation


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