GeoStreamer X – Faster, Cheaper and Smarter than Nodes

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GeoStreamer X will deliver high-quality exploration data up to five times faster than node acquisition, combining multisensor broadband fidelity and wide-towed source efficiency, with multi-azimuth (MAZ) illumination.

Using a single Ramform vessel, PGS is piloting a towed-streamer survey design that incorporates all its latest innovative acquisition solutions to solve the imaging challenges in the Viking Graben, where a prefunded PGS MultiClient survey demonstrating the GeoStreamer X concept is about to begin.

“GeoStreamer X is a better solution for exploration, as it offers a significantly faster and considerably cheaper method of achieving advanced offset- and azimuth-rich data, with far less disturbance to other activities in the area. It’s efficient and effective,” says Gunhild Myhr, PGS VP New Ventures Europe.

MAZ Redefined

Multisensor, towed-streamer acquisition using multiple sources combined with high-density receiver spreads, will deliver tight spatial sampling and higher-resolution imaging.

Add to that wide-tow sources for improved near-offset sampling for results that facilitate accurate AVO analysis of shallow targets, by recording the near-incidence angle information.

Wide-tow source technology will also improve acquisition efficiency, supporting larger sail line separations than are typical offshore Norway. Sail line separation directly affects survey turnaround time.

Upgrading a high-resolution receiver array with some extra-long streamers will make it possible to record the longer offsets required for even more accurate, FWI-driven velocity model building.

In areas with complex geological targets and corresponding illumination challenges, a combination of these specialized source- and receiver designs will offer a smarter solution than nodes for upgrading the quality of exploration data.

Viking Graben Timeline

GeoStreamer X Viking Graben is a long-offset multi-azimuth pilot survey with wide-tow sources that will commence in September 2019. First imaging results for this GeoStreamer X survey will be available in Q1 2020.

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GeoStreamer X offers high-quality azimuth and offset rich exploration data with multisensor broadband fidelity. The orange polygon shows the outline of the new Viking Graben survey.



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