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The new Sharing POR targets the presalt and includes blocks that were to be offered in production sharing rounds that were not held, as well as presalt blocks from previous rounds that were not bid on. 

The Santos and Campos basins hold the majority of Brazil’s presalt oil reserves. These complex reservoirs offer the potential for huge rewards, but they require deep pockets and considerable expertise to produce. Since 2016, major oil companies have been invited to take a larger share in the Santos and Campos basins, although Petrobras has preferential bidding rights that guarantee it an operating stake of at least 30%.

In these prolific areas, PGS has over 70 000 sq. km of 3D seismic in its data library. This includes the monumental Santos Vision 3D, with almost 50 000 sq. km of rejuvenated data benefiting from the latest imaging techniques. You can read about the challenges, the technology applied, and the striking results in our Santos Vision case study.  PGS’ brand-new Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X survey covers over 17 000 sq. km inside and outside the presalt polygon.  Processing will complete in the summer of 2022.

Under the first Permanent Offer Sharing Round, announced in August 2022, Brazilian authorities are offering 11 areas.

PGS data library coverage for the Brazil 2022 Sharing Round, part of the new permanent offer system.

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