PGS company culture is friendly, open, and respectful, built on Norwegian values – but the workforce and markets are international. It is a combination that has attracted the sharpest minds from more than 60 nations. Future focus is more important than tradition at PGS – we constantly look ahead, as we develop the technological solutions of tomorrow. Join us to source energy for today and tomorrow!

PGS has offices in 14 different countries and operates offshore worldwide. Our HQ is in Oslo.

Our core values: dedicated, reliable, pioneer are also the words we use when describing our company and each other. The values, the culture, and the opportunity to work with highly competent colleagues and make a difference on really challenging projects are the reasons why get up in the morning and why we stay.

Seismic technology is essential to our current energy supply and will be key to transforming the energy industry at an industrial scale, allowing the world to move away from traditional sources. Do you want to be part of the solution?

Join us as we make energy transition and energy security happen!