PGS acquires, images, and markets reliable 3D data that adds to our understanding of the subsurface. Energy companies use this data to find and produce resources or to store carbon. Geophysics applies big data concepts to record and image the earth’s subsurface and is one of the largest uses of compute power on the planet. 

PGS is a vital partner for energy companies in finding resources to supply the power the world needs to survive and thrive. We use seismic to image what is inside the earth, under the surface, beneath the oceans. Energy companies interpret those images to find and produce resources and store carbon.

We are a leader in our field. To maintain our lead we continuously train and develop our people, and work with the latest technology. Digitalization and energy transition are driving enormous changes in our industry, the effects are felt throughout our organization.

PGS employees are friendly, international and talented people, from many different backgrounds. Much is expected of them and they are rewarded for their performance.

Our global organization is highly effective with relatively few layers of management. PGS employees are proud of what they do and highly competent. In general, everyone takes tremendous pride in the quality of their outputs. Communication is open and frank, hierarchies are small, and doors are always open. 

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