PGS at a Glance

PGS is a global geophysical company that gathers offshore survey data and uses vast cloud compute to image the earth. Geophysics is a key enabler for energy security and energy transition.

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  • Energy companies rely on PGS data when they explore, produce, or develop offshore resources 
  • To search for hydrocarbons and produce them efficiently
  • To select carbon storage sites and monitor them over time
  • Wind farm developers need subsurface data to manage project risk, while backers can use it to evaluate investments
  • Geophysics can help us to understand where and how to source marine seabed minerals
  • HQ is Oslo, Norway
  • Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE: PGS)

Four Functional Business Areas

Sales and Services manage and market our data acquisition, imaging services, and MultiClient library products. Expert imaging of structures and reservoirs also happens in this team.

New Energy develops technology and collaborative business models to support a sustainable energy transition, addressing carbon storage, offshore wind, and marine mineral exploration.

Our Operations unit manages our fleet and executes our seismic acquisition projects.

While Technology and Digitalization operate Enterprise IT and manage our R&D and digital transformation activities.