Our Targets

PGS has integrated ESG practices into its business and strategy. Our ambition is to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals through concrete actions on goals that are relevant to our company activities and global presence.

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  • Environment | In 2021, there were no significant non-compliances with environmental regulations. We had five minor breaches of permit requirements or local regulations. Each was promptly reported to the relevant authorities and resolved without any further action against PGS.
  • Energy & Emissions | In 2021, our initiatives contributed to a sustained reduction in emissions per data unit towards our goal of 50% reduction by 2030. We were also awarded two projects for the characterization of carbon storage reservoirs.
  • Biodiversity  | In 2021, there were no reported incidents of injury to marine life or habitats or significant conflicts with local communities, fisheries, or indigenous people. All projects were conducted in compliance with applicable regulations, protocols, and agreed mitigation measures. In total, we removed more than 15 tons of abandoned fishing gear and marine debris during the year.
  • Waste | In 2021, the total amount of waste generated in our offices increased slightly compared to the previous year due to increased office activity in the latter half of the year. The waste generated by our fleet has remained stable over recent years, with no measurable decline. We have identified that we need to improve the quality and level of detail in our waste reporting, to ensure we identify areas of improvement.