Leadership Principles

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Leaders influence the attitudes and behaviors of others to achieve a shared result. At all levels of our organization, these principles strengthen our culture and help us achieve our strategic ambitions.
Innovation & Learning

PGS leaders are courageous, challenge the status quo, try new things and embrace change. We create a climate of innovation and take intelligent and considered risks. Our leaders are curious and desire to continually learn from successes and failures. We are proactive and open to the ideas of others. This means embracing large and small ideas and finding ways to simplify and work in smarter ways. 

Customer Focus

PGS leaders focus on what is best for our customers and for the company. We understand who PGS is serving and how to create value. Our leaders are result-oriented and understand the end customer. We as leaders have strong business acumen and are aware of how decisions impact financial results. 

Empowering Others

PGS leaders communicate a clear vision and goals, so that everyone knows how to contribute. We build trust and create an environment of psychological safety. Our leaders share credit and praise, making the teams' work visible. We as leaders empower others to deliver in their roles, creating ownership and accountability. 

Collaboration & Transparency

PGS leaders build strong and diverse teams, bringing people together. ​We stimulate collaboration and transparency across the organization. Our leaders listen to understand, ask questions and reinforce key messages to support momentum toward shared goals. ​

Coaching & Feedback​

PGS leaders believe that everyone can grow and develop. We actively support our team members through dialog, feedback, and coaching. We foster development and learning. Our leaders create an atmosphere where constructive feedback is appreciated and a natural part of our everyday collaboration. We nurture the habit of self-reflection in order to constantly improve and inspire the same within our team. ​


Our leadership principles are underpinned by our values: dedicated, reliable, and pioneer. 

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