Remuneration and Corporate Governance

This committee supports the Board in the administration and exercise of its responsibility for supervisory oversight.

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The Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee (REMCO) is appointed by the Board of Directors and acts as a preparatory body in connection with the Board's role with respect to certain matters for which the Board maintains responsibility and decision making.

  • Total compensation of the CEO (compensation, benefits, and perquisites)
  • Corporate governance policies and procedures
  • Succession planning for the role of CEO
  • Organizational model and human resources strategy
  • Compensation of executive officers (EVPs)

While the first four items relate to areas where REMCO supports the Board, on the final point, REMCO shall act, be responsible for and make decisions with respect to the total compensation of the Executive Vice Presidents.

Download the REMCO charter for full details of membership, responsibilities, meetings, and reporting.