Guide for online participation

PGS ASA 21 April 2021 at 15:00 CET

PGS ASA will hold an ordinary general meeting on 21 April 2021 at 15:00 CET as a digital meeting, where you get the opportunity to participate online with your PC, phone or tablet. Below is a description of how to participate online. We also point out that instead of participating online, you have the opportunity to vote in advance or give a proxy before the meeting. See the notice for further details for advance voting and how to submit a power of attorney. If you vote in advance or give a proxy with instructions, you can still choose to log in to the general meeting and override your vote on the individual items. If you have given an open power of attorney, but still log in to the virtual meeting, you will reclaim your voting rights and must vote online.

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The technical solution is administered by DNB Bank Registrars Department, which has licensed the software from Lumi Ltd., giving all shareholders the option to attend online.

By attending the online, shareholders will access a live webcast of the meeting, submit questions relating to the items on the agenda and cast votes on each item on the agenda. Secure identification of shareholders is done by using the unique reference number and PIN code assigned to each shareholder by the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (In Norwegian either "Verdipapirsentralen" or "VPS") in relation to this General Meeting.

No pre-registration is needed for attending online, but you must be logged in before the meeting starts. The following pages will provide you with a brief guide on how to access, participate and submit your votes at the online General Meeting.

Shareholders who do not find their reference number and PIN code for access or have other technical questions is welcome to call DNB Registrars Department on phone + 47 23 26 80 20 (between 08:00-15:30, or send an e-mail to

How to access the online AGM


In order to participate online you need access to the Lumi solution by doing either of the following:

  1. Use the Lumi AGM app: Download the Lumi AGM app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for Lumi AGM, or
  2. Visit Go to the Lumi AGM website either on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You will need the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 11, Edge or Firefox. Please ensure your browser is compatible.


Once you have either downloaded the Lumi AGM app or entered into your web browser, you’ll be asked to enter the following meeting ID and click Join:

Meeting ID: 181-704-142

 Or use this link and you will go straight to Step 3


You will then be required to enter your ID:

  1. Reference number from VPS
  2. PIN code from VPS

 You will be able to log in one hour before the meeting starts.

When successfully authenticated, the info screen will be displayed. You can view company information, submit questions relating to the items on the agenda and live stream the webcast.


How to receive your reference number and PIN code

All shareholders registered in the VPS are assigned their own unique reference and PIN code for use in the General Meeting, available to each shareholder through VPS Investor Services. Access VPS Investor Services, select Corporate Actions, General Meeting. Click on the ISIN and you can see your reference number ( and PIN code.

All VPS registered shareholders have access to VPS Investor Services through or internet bank. Contact your VPS account operator if you do not have access.

Shareholders who have not selected electronic corporate messages in investor Services will also receive their reference number and PIN code by post together with the summons from the company. (on proxy form)

Nominee registered shareholders: Shares held through nominee accounts (not relevant for Norwegian shareholders) must be transferred to a segregated VPS account registered in the name of the shareholder to have voting rights on the General Meeting. Once shares are transferred to the segregated VPS account, a reference number and PIN code are assigned to this account. Please contact your custodian for further information and/or instructions on obtaining your reference number and PIN code for nominee registered shares.

How to vote

When the General Meeting starts, all items will be open for voting. Items are closed as the general meeting deals with them. By clicking on the polling icon  on the screen you will access the resolutions and voting choices will be displayed.

To vote, simply select your voting direction from the options shown on screen. A confirmation message will appear to show your vote has been received. 

To change your vote, simply select another voting direction. If you wish to cancel your vote, please press Cancel.

Once the chairperson has opened voting, voting on any item can be performed at any time during the meeting until the chairperson closes the relevant voting on the specific resolution. Your last choice before the voting is closed will be final and cannot be changed.

If you have voted in advance, or given voting instructions to the chairman of the board, you will be able to override your choice of vote on the individual items when logging in. If you have given an open power of attorney, you will reclaim your voting rights by logging in, and must then remember to vote.


Questions to the chairperson

Questions or messages relating to the items on the agenda can be submitted by the shareholder or appointed proxy at any time during the Q&A session up until the chairperson closes the session.

If you would like to ask a question relating to the items on the agenda, select the messaging icon. 

Type your message within the chat box at the bottom of the messaging screen. Once you have completed your message, click the Send button.

Questions submitted online will be moderated before being sent to the chairperson to avoid repetition and to remove any inappropriate language. All questions and messages will be presented with the full name and identity of the shareholder raising the question.


Links will be available on the info screen. When you click on a link, the selected document will open in your browser.

Data usage for streaming the annual shareholders’ meeting or downloading documents via the EGM platform varies depending on individual use, the specific device being used for streaming or download (Android, iPhone, etc) and your network connection (3G, 4G).