Gamified Learning for HSEQ Training

PGS has a well-established HSEQ training system, which provides the framework for defining HSEQ competence and training requirements. We focus on four core HSEQ competencies: 

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  • HSEQ requirements and best practice
  • HSEQ principles, management system, and compliance
  • Risk management (including emergency response)
  • Auditing techniques and quality assurance

Minimum training and competence requirements are identified for all employees with HSEQ responsibility, based on an HSEQ Competence and Training Matrix.

Research shows that applying what has been learned to real-world situations strengthens an individual’s focus and determination to learn. Therefore, we introduced gamified learning for PGS crew. A gamified app has been developed in cooperation with Attensi AS. In the game, available for smartphones and tablets, crew members play through different scenarios and dilemmas related to HSEQ and gain points for correct answers. This training is mandatory for all crew and replaces some of the courses from the existing HSEQ competence and training matrix.

We hope to achieve a higher degree of engagement with HSEQ training by using modern technology. Our goal is to improve risk awareness and management. Going forward, our plan is to use the platform for courses in our global training catalog.