Northern North Sea - UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway

NNS CNS MegaSurvey

The definitive regional 3D dataset for exploring the North Sea
Website Map for Survey NNS CNS MegaSurvey
The overall CNS / NNS MegaSurvey coverage currently exceeds 148 000 sq. km, including data from the Norwegian, Danish, German and Dutch sectors of the North Sea giving the best possible coverage for large scale screening
The benefit of regional, fully migrated 3D data is the ability to obtain an improved and consistent regional geological perspective by tying wells to a common 3D data set plus the ability to obtain a regional interpretation and to identify prospects, plays and migration paths
Building on years of survey merging experience, PGS has developed a unique processing flow that combines and merges 3D surveys of differing vintages and quality into a coherent seamless dataset.


Survey summary

  • Type: MegaSurvey
  • Size: 144 326 sq.km

Time products

  • Final Merged Stack
  • Workstation Deliverables (Kingdom/Petrel)

Additional products

  • Interpretation