Processing & Imaging

Professional, dedicated geoscientists and industry-leading technology permit PGS to meet and exceed clients' imaging expectations. Our vision is to provide the ultimate in optimized, interpretable datasets.

Applying integrated technology, we seamlessly handle data from acquisition and onboard geophysics, through to final subsurface images. We apply an innovative approach to achieve all of our geophysical objectives, from large-scale exploration to reservoir-focused imaging challenges.

In addition to the many processing options available for true broadband GeoStreamer® data, our processing and imaging solutions manage all types of marine streamer, OBC/OBN and land seismic data.

A full range of state-of-the-art signal processing and imaging solutions are available at PGS Imaging centers worldwide, servicing all major markets. 


Processing Centers MapGlobal expertise, local presence, and seamless coordination between centers worldwide.


Global presence enables PGS to bring the highest level of technical expertise to customers around the world, yet still involve local experts in project execution. A global network of highly experienced data processing and imaging experts applying advanced systems solutions ensures seamless links and coordination between Imaging centers. This facilitates the rapid development and sharing of innovative technology to meet any geophysical challenge and the standardization of workflows to ensure that best practice is applied to every project.

PGS is dedicated to innovation and continues to invest in technology and exceptional people. This enables us to anticipate the needs of our clients and to meet the evolving challenges of being a modern geophysical service provider. We are proud of our track record as a pioneer and can be relied upon to develop technology solutions to the most demanding geophysical challenges.

Imaging with Supercomputers

PGS Abel - our Cray super computerPGS Abel - our largest Cray supercomputer

We have named the biggest of the PGS supercomputers Abel, after the famous Norwegian mathematician. It is one of the largest supercomputers ever deployed in the commercial sector and the most powerful in the seismic industry. Abel provides advanced computational capabilities that are used for the timely delivery of some of the most advanced Reverse Time Migration (RTM) images and Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) results available in the industry today. This advanced computational platform also facilitates rapid development and deployment of new and ground-breaking broadband imaging capabilities using proprietary technologies such as Wave Equation Reflectivity Inversion (WEI) and Complete Wavefield Imaging (CWI).