Faster, Cheaper, and Smarter than Nodes

The optimal exploration solution must address both time, cost, and quality. Our GeoStreamer X pilot survey over the Viking Graben has proven beyond doubt that GeoStreamer X is a significantly faster method of achieving advanced offset- and azimuth-rich data than node-based exploration.

Unlike ocean bottom seismic data, which is costly and slow to acquire and process, GeoStreamer X includes all the factors required to meet the demand for more dependable subsurface insight at a reduced cost, with rapid turnaround from survey design to data delivery. 

GeoStreamer X_Viking Graben_MAZ_Illustration
The GeoStreamer X Viking Graben acquisition configurations. Two new azimuths were acquired in 2019 on top of a 2011survey to provide a fast and high-resolution multi-azimuth product.