The Seismic Fleet

There are several reasons why PGS seismic vessels are the safest, most reliable and most efficient in the industry. The combination of the Ramform design and GeoStreamer is the main one. Our culture is also a key factor. From the boardroom to the back deck we manage risk and deliver quality.

Our active fleet remains the youngest in the seismic industry and consists of eight 3D vessels (six in the low season). This lines up our ultra-high capacity Ramforms both Titan-class and S-class, the 4D specialist Ramform Vanguard, along with modern, efficient conventional-hulled ships on charter. 

Additional cold-stacked capacity comprises older Ramform vessels and one conventional ship. These resources can be reactivated when required.

Over 20 years, the Ramform design has proven its superiority in efficiency, productivity and safety. Each generation of the design has expanded on those benefits, culminating in the Titan-class: the ultimate seismic acquisition platform.

GeoStreamer technology significantly improves data quality. All our vessels are equipped with this multisensor, broadband technology. It allows our fleet to produce better data quality in all conditions and locations. Advanced back deck solutions provide high safety along with rapid deployment and retrieval.