Ramform Valiant

This was the first of the 20 streamer V-class ships. She delivered high performance from her first European season, before repeating the performance and reliability offshore West Africa. Ramform Valiant utilized her strength and capacity to pioneer high-density 3D acquisition and has a strong track record on challenging 3D and 4D surveys globally. 

In normal operating mode, Ramform Valiant is equipped with 12 streamers, though she is capable of towing 18 streamers if required.

Vessel Specifications
Owner: PGS Maritime operator: PGS
Flag: Bahamas Port of registry: Nassau
Builder: Langsten S&B, Norway 1998 Vessel classification: DNV
Length: 86.2 m Width: 39.6 m
Streamers: Up to 20 Draft: 7.3 m