SEG/KOC workshop

Seismic Multiples – The Challenges and the Way Forward. SEG and Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) joint workshop to advance the understanding of seismic multiples, both as signal and noise, and to provide answers to the challenges posed by seismic multiples in processing and interpretation

A complete and practical solution to all multiple problems still evades us. This event follows a similar workshop in 2014, and will attempt to assess advances and how can we get closer to our ultimate goal of multiple-free seismic images with improved attributes and QI products?

The workshop will focus on emerging technologies with a broad range of topics covering research and case studies, with data examples from onshore and offshore for both surface and interbed multiples.


PGS is represented in 3 sessions.

  • Session 1, Improving Acquisition Efficiency Using Imaging with Multiples, Sören Naumann, PGS
  • Session 9, KEYNOTE: Methods for Imaging and Inversion Using Primaries, Multiples or Both, Dan Whitmore, PGS
  • Session 10, Surface-Related Multiples Help Image the Overburden in Shallow Waters Offshore Abu Dhabi, Abdulrahman Almessabi, ADNOC (PGS co-author)