Eastern Mediterranean

Recent discoveries and increased exploration in the form of seismic acquisition and offshore drilling, make the Eastern Mediterranean a hot area. Multiple hydrocarbon systems have been established across the onshore (Western Desert) and the prolific offshore area (Nile Delta Cone). Discoveries have now been proven in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs, outlining the diverse potential of the area.

The giant Zohr gas discovery in 2015 was a game-changer for the region that helped to establish the carbonate reservoirs as a viable target, different from the existing clastic discoveries in the region. Additional carbonate build-ups and shelf-edge plays with presalt carbonate reservoirs demonstrate additional prospectivity. Proven Nile Delta derived sands extend beyond Egyptian waters and discoveries in these clastic Nile sediments have been encountered offshore Cyprus and Israel.

Challenges in the area include presalt imaging and the resolution of the underlying carbonate/clastic reservoirs. An ongoing drilling campaign is targeting presalt reservoirs offshore Cyprus and the plays in Lebanon’s frontier offshore domain, which will be tested for the first time in the second half of 2019.

PGS has significant 2D and 3D data coverage for the upcoming license rounds offshore west Egypt (1st) and Lebanon (2nd) that are scheduled for 2019 and outlined on the map below.

The data from recent PGS acquisition offshore west Egypt and also the Nile Delta demonstrate good potential in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs. Combined with PGS data from Cyprus and Lebanon this coverage enables a better understanding of the region.

New opportunities abound across the Eastern Mediterranean. These include potential presalt carbonate build-ups offshore Crete, west Egypt, and Cyprus; shelfal plays offshore west Egypt that have direct analogs to the onshore Western Desert; and additional clastic plays offshore west Egypt, Cyprus and Lebanon that are comparable to the Nile Delta plays (pre and postsalt clastic plays).

PGS East Mediterranean MC Coverage
PGS data library coverage in the East Mediterranean