Sabah - Malaysia

In 2018, a discovery well in the Sabah Trough became a new play opener, yet this is still ranked as one of the least explored basins in the world. The new discovery lies within the footprint of our 40 000 sq. km of Sabah MultiClient 3D.

Our vast and expanding multisensor MC3D survey provides the best opportunity to unlock the petroleum potential of the enticingly prospective offshore Sabah province. It is the first 3D MultiClient survey in Malaysia and is one of the largest in the world. PGS has recently acquired an additional 3 300 sq. km of GeoStreamer data, adding to the existing 37 000 sq. km high-resolution multisensor broadband 3D data that is now available.

The Sabah multisensor 3D data is ideal for both optimized infill development and exploring new opportunities alongside established plays in this exciting hydrocarbon province.

The most recent phase of acquisition extends further outboard, where more basins can be seen. The new dataset will extend the petroleum exploration playground for oil companies interested in Asia.

The Sabah MC3D sets a new benchmark for high-quality regional datasets that will not only improve understanding of the regional petroleum systems but also allow prospect scale AVO analysis of prospects and leads within the entire offshore Sabah Basin.


 40 000 sq. km of PGS data library coverage in Sabah.