Newfoundland and Labrador - Canada

PGS, in conjunction with TGS as a joint venture partner, has been acquiring 2D and 3D MultiClient data in Newfoundland and Labrador since 2011. We have an extensive library offshore Eastern Canada and the seismic-based geological products for Newfoundland and Labrador are comprehensive.

This is one of the most promising deepwater exploration areas in the world. In addition to the producing basins of East Canada, there are also some highly prospective under-explored basins with potential for exciting new discoveries and world-class oil production. Frontier acreage is adjacent to recent discoveries in Bay du Nord, Mizzen, Harpoon, and existing fields such as Hibernia, White Rose, Terra Nova and Hebron. Access to new acreage, transparent fiscal terms and a predictable land-sale policy make East Canada an attractive region for oil and gas exploration.

Canada data library
Available PGS / TGS joint venture MultiClient data. Narrow azimuth, long offset (8 100 m) GeoStreamer multisensor technology provides receiver deghosted 3D seismic data.