Santos - Brazil

Interest in the Santos Basin is growing as a result of regulatory changes, a more hospitable approach to international investment, and acreage availability in the presalt polygon. The Santos Vision program covers around 49 000 sq. km, delivering the most comprehensive and geologically conformable dataset to date, mitigating exploration risk.

PGS has rejuvenated its Santos portfolio and final products from the reprocessing are available now.  The latest in broadband processing has been applied, ranging from data conditioning, noise, and multiple suppression, to new model building tools and imaging algorithms.  

The recent opening of the presalt play fairway to unitization and bid rounds makes this prolific emerging basin once again an area of industry interest. Santos Vision extracts maximum fidelity from a set of seamlessly merged legacy data, incorporating our latest technologies such as Reverse Time Migration (RTM), Full Waveform Inversion (FWI), and Least Squares Migration (LSM).

Santos Vision final images provide enhanced seismic imaging in the post-salt clastic section and excellent definition of the presalt geological signature with high granularity and focus at the reservoir target level.

The successful workflow developed here is applicable to the greater Santos and Campos basins and PGS has future reprocessing plans for the area.

 Santos vision location mapSantos Vision, marked with an orange outline. Final products for 49 000 sq. km are available now.